Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Upcoming Event: Fanaticon

On May 21, 2011, in Asheville, North Carolina, Fanaticon will be hosting their second convention.  I've only heard wonderful things about this event and I'm really looking forward to not only a weekend in Asheville before HeroesCon, but to all comic goodness this event promises. 

Fanaticon is a free event hosted at the Asheville Art Museum nestled in the lovely downtown area.  Fanaticon features a number of vendors, including Charlotte's own Heroes Aren't Hard to Find and lots of great artists, including some of my personal favorites, Sketch Charlotte members: Tom Davidson, Henry Eudy, and Eraklis "Herc" Petmezas as well as the gang from Wide Awake Press.  I hope there will be Huggles (shiny coins to be redeemed for cuddly bear hugs from WAP's own J. Chris Campbell-seriously, he gives some of the best hugs ever).  There will also be fan clubs in attendance, both of the Star Wars and Star Trek varieties.  Is it wrong of me to hope for some Fanboy type clashes between the two?

This year, a very special guest will be headlining Fanaticon, Gail Simone.  Simone is probably best known for her writing on Wonder Woman, and has also done runs of Birds of Prey and Secret Six.  She's a big score for such a new convention.

Fanaticon also does trading cards featuring art from those attending like our friend, Herc, as featured above.  There are ten cards which are available free at various locations in Asheville.  WAP will also be one of the trading card artists and we can't wait to see what their card looks like when it's released.

Fanaticon takes place at the Asheville Art Museum located at 2 South Park Square from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 


  1. An early morning Twitter update from J. Chris Campbell is that the gang from Wide Awake Press will include Duane Ballenger, Ashley Holt and Josh Latta. How can one place hold that much awesomeness?

  2. If I don't make it to this show SOMEONE is going to have to get me an Ashley Holt sketch!!

  3. @Rico, Do you want a Batgirl sketch? Or something else?