Friday, April 22, 2011

On the Way to FLUKE

Seth and I are hitting the road today for FLUKE via Greenville, South Carolina where we're meeting up with the Dollar Bin crew to head to Athens, Georgia.  I'm super excited to check out all the mini comic goodness that will be packed into the 40 Watt Club.  I'm also curious about the Inch High Button Guy that is one of the sponsors of FLUKE, but doesn't have a website.  Is his title self-explanatory? I hope so, because I adore little buttons! Speaking of buttons, the $2 admission price for FLUKE gets you the FLUKE Anthology and a shiny button! Could this get any better?

I'm also looking forward to checking out the college town of Athens and all the yummy vegetarian-friendly restaurants that appear to be nearby the 40 Watt Club.  I'm particularly interested in The Grit, a full fledged vegetarian restaurant within walking distance with a conveniently located coffee shop, Red Eye, next door. 

I will also be found hanging out with the awesome Henry Eudy, who will have some fantastic Sketch Charlotte Anthologies for sale.  I'm already planning to pick up some Mermin books by Joey Weiser, a Wide Awake 666 from Wide Awake Press and the latest Rashy Rabbit by Josh Latta.  Who knows whatever cute animals and hilarious mini comics will catch my eye while there? I'm not sure how sketch/commission friendly FLUKE will be, but I hope to come home with at least one new addition to my Pinky and the Brain sketchbook.   

Check back on Wednesday for our FLUKE wrap-up report complete with pictures, opinions and awesomeness! For day of the event updates, you can check my twitter, @bestgirkfriend. 


  1. Get to the grit! The golden bowl is really good. I remember driving 45 minutes to Athens once to eat that. Well worth it!

  2. Yeah, The Grit is awesome. Hope you're not too set on Red Eye, though. It is closed.

  3. Wow, The Grit was awesome! Their tofu was amazingly yummy! Disappointed google doesn't update as often as yelp about closing (Red Eye).