Thursday, April 7, 2011

Internet Awesomeness!

In honor of our first ever "List Week" here on Exile, we decided to share a list of what we're currently loving about the internet. The list isn't in any particular order as it can be hard to rank this kind of awesomeness.

1. SkottieScott: This site has made our Daily Reads for a very good reason: awesome daily sketches by Skottie Young and Scott Morse. The subjects vary weekly from Batman villains to Harry Potter to Hellboy. The best part? All of these sketches are for sale!

2. Kickstand Kids: Are we slightly biased for this site knowing Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi? Perhaps, but that doesn't make the daily postings of their various works any less beautiful. Have you seen Chris' ladies and Rico's coloring? Their works speak volumes on its own. I just had to include Chris' Teen Wolf from this week as it is both fun and he totally schooled me on my lack of Teen Wolf knowledge.(Bonus selection: Rico started a tumblr page for his Batgirl collection and it is so much fun: Batgirl, Heck Yeah! )

3. The Gutters: A webcomic that pokes fun at the comic industry that has a rotating cast of talent from known artists to upcoming artists this is an amusing read with new comics every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Subjects include current and proposed story lines, office politics, and current news. A recent favorite of mine features the DC Heroines battling the most evil foe, Camel Toe, inspired by the release of photos of the tv's newest Wonder Woman costume.

4. Jerry Stanford on the Examiner: Need some information on the local Charlotte comics scene? You should check out Stan's articles on subjects varying from local artists to comic shops to comic supplies. Also, Seth was recently interviewed about how to determine the resale potential of your comics collection.

5. Robbi Rodriguez: Robbi is a recent find, thanks to one, Rico Renzi. Robbi's in the process of printing his creator owned Frankie, Get Your Gun Issue 1 and is sharing previews of this comic as well as warm up sketches. If you're lucky, he'll still be taking commissions for HeroesCon to help raise money for the printing FGYG. I will be sharing my commission here along with all the other loot I plan to pick up at HeroesCon this year.

6. Hotel Fred: This is Roger Langridge's site where in addition to seeing examples of his past art, he's recently been adding daily Mugwhump the Great posts. Roger's one of the sweetest and most talented cartoonists in the comics industry, and you should get to know his work if you haven't already.

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  1. what nice surprise, to be mentioned at all, but especially in such good company. robbi, roger, and skottie are beasts, the columns i read of jerrys (like his review of hercs book) have been fun and in-depth. dont know about gutters, but im excited to check it out. heather, now you know what happens when you start talking all unawares about teen-wolf. im just glad for both our sakes it wasnt boof-related, that couldve got uncomfortable. sometimes youve got to be cruel to be kind.