Friday, December 30, 2011

A Return to Exile (for me too!)

Heather already wrote a little bit about our unplanned hiatus from blogdom, but I thought I'd add my own two cents to the conversation.  2011 was a roller coaster of a year, but I'm thankful that we ended the year on a happy note by getting married in December.  So while my better half was busy working 3 jobs and setting up her new law firm what was I busy doing?  My job at Heroes keeps me busy for 40 plus hours a week, and I'm thankful to be at a place where I enjoy the work.  In addition to my regular role as the warehouse manager I've been writing a lot for the Heroes blog, including reviews, my weekly Spotlight column, conducting interviews, and acting as one of the editors of all of it.  

Music also seems to be slowly starting to creep out of thought and back into action again as loose collaborations have begun with a few talented friends.  It may well be too soon to talk too much about this potential new lineup of American Motel, but if things continue to progress, rest assured you'll hear about it here.  It won't be for a few more weeks though, as a somewhat serious injury to my guitar chording hand has taken a bit longer to heal than I would have liked.

Beyond that I've been thinking and writing a lot, trying to get to the point of confidence where I can work on the creative side of comics.  There are a few ideas starting to congeal, and with any luck at the very least I'll have a story in this year's Sketch Charlotte Free Comic Book Day Anthology.  Maybe if the self doubt subsides there might be a few other things as well.  It's tough to make any real progress when you find ways of defeating yourself before you ever really get started on a project.  That's an issue that can only be addressed by writing (or playing) through it, and having the determination to get pen to paper in spite of any reservations.

So with that thought, you will definitely have a chance to read more from Heather and I on Exile on Plain Street in 2012, albeit on a more reasonable schedule.  Aside from my musings on comics, music, and creativity, you may well learn of some music and comics that I'll be working on in the coming year. Happy New Year everybody.  Hope it finds you well.
The photo above is by the wonderful Jennifer Parker of Fire Wife Photography

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Return to Exile

It seems we took an unplanned and unannounced hiatus from the blog.  While nothing has been going on here since September, a lot has been going on in our lives, both personally and professionally.  

On December 1, Seth and I were married and have been settling into our home together.  I'm also in the process of opening a law office in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina.  Mount Pleasant is in Cabarrus County, just outside of Concord, which will be the home county of our practice.  For non-local readers, this is right outside of Charlotte.  My law partner, Paula Yost, is a federally licensed intellectual property attorney (which means she does patents, copyrights, and trademarks).  The renovations to our office should be kicking off soon and you'll be able to follow our progress at our site for the Country Law Shack.  We're also building our professional website which I will also eventually link here.  

Seth and I are both excited for the new year and will be sharing with you all the comics news we're looking forward to in 2012.  It's good to be back!