Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Pat Lewis

I first stumbled upon Pat Lewis' work at SPX in 2010 when I spotted the back of a book featuring a rather jolly Devil. This Devil was sporting a black bow-tie and a grin of pure, naughty joy. I had to have this Devil or rather the book containing him. My search for the Devil lead me to Pat Lewis's table, where I purchased his trade Cragmore and recieved an adorable sketch of Pinky for my Pinky and The Brain sketchbook.

Cragmore is the story of a billionaire businessman that is a timely tale in our current environment of oblivious CEOs that happily sink companies while exiting with a golden parachute. No thoughts or worries about their employees that have mortgages to pay or families to feed. W.P. Cragmore is of that mold until a steel girder to the head causes a near death experience that sends him straight to hell. Modern medicine brings back a changed man, just not in the way we normally except from a redemption story. Cragmore is a fun read from Lewis' cartooning style of art to his subtle writing of a life lesson.

After expressing my love of Lewis' storytelling and art, I received The Claws Come Out for Christmas (Thanks Shawn and Adam!). Horror tales become funny and adorable in Lewis' hands. Claws contains tales of love gone wrong, vampires, zombies, and other things that go bump in the night. Claws also showcases Lewis' cheesecake art as is it is chock full of sassy, sexy ladies. I appreciate well done cheesecake and Lewis' is very satisfying (almost as much as a slice of actual cheesecake).

Lewis has a drawing style that I absolutely love. His art simply makes me happy. Like a warm blanket on a dreary day, his books make me feel good. There's something to be said for comics that tell a fun story and have such a pleasing style of art.

Pat Lewis will be at HeroesCon 2011. Look for him and his sassy ladies in Indie Island. Might I also suggest picking up a copy of Cragmore or The Claws Come Out while you're there? Check out more of his work at his website.

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