Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heather's FLUKE Loot!

There sure was a lot of mini-comic goodness to be had at this year's FLUKE.  I had been stashing cash for over a month in anticipation of all the purchases I knew I would want to make.  Some of the creators I was already familiar with and owned some of their comics, but others I was discovering for the first time.  Wow, do I have a lot to read before Fanaticon! In no particular order, other than the one that I pulled these out of my awesome Adhouse Books reusable bag:

  • Diary Comics by Dustin Harbin: My first encounters with Dustin were during his tenure as Heroes Aren't Hard to Find Creative Director. Since then, he's made the full transition to the other side of the table.  I've checked out his Diary Comics online and was happy to pick up the book with a really great cover.  I love the way he draws himself!  

  • Rashy Rabbit #7: Droppin' Anchor by Josh Latta: I've read the Rashy Rabbit series completely out of order starting with #6 then reading #5 and #1.  I just got #4 from Adam of the Dollar Bin, which I may read after #7 just to keep my randomness going.  I still need to pick up #2 and #3 at some point from either Josh or WAP to have the complete Rashy Rabbit history and to watch Josh's style evolve.  It's fun to see the little changes over the year and check out how Rashy has developed.

  • Set to Sea by Drew Weing: I first saw this book at SPX last year.  Even if I hadn't heard so many good things about it, the colors and art on the cover alone would have attracted my eye.  I haven't had time to read this yet, but if you'd like to know more about it check out Shawn of the Dollar Bin's review

  • Mermin #1-#6 by Joey Weiser: Another SPX first encounter that I waited to buy, but now I have six issues at once to enjoy.  This is another purchase with some seriously cute covers.  I like the consistency of the Mermin sticker on each cover, but appreciate the uniqueness of each cover.  I can't wait to dive into these stories.

  • Wide Awake 666, an anthology by Wide Awake Press, including J. Chris Campbell, Ashley Holt, Josh Latta, Brad McGinty and many more!: I love the gang from WAP and a flip through of this book shows that I'm really going to enjoy it as well.  J. Chris is the only Wappie I got to doodle in my copy so far and I will be carrying this with to cons until I get them all. 

  • My Doomed Affair #2 and #3 by Jacob Hunt:  I picked these books up because I liked the cover art.  My Doomed Affair is a relationship comic about the creator and his ex-girlfriend, Apryl.  What I've read so far is amusing and I am enjoying Hunt's art style. 

  • The Moonshine Murders by David Allan Duncan: I picked this book up because of the title.  Moonshine and murder? Sold! The title page promises an introduction to three boys who will eventually be murdered.  Sad, sure, but my not graphic type reading tends to be murder mysteries making this right up my alley. 

  • Big Deal Comics & Stories No. 4 by Patrick Dean: This is a fun collection of sequentials that made me laugh.  It covers all manner of subjects from cupcake ghosts to aliens and is consistently funny and well executed.   

  • A Graphic Cosmogony: 24 Artists Take on 7 Pages to Tell Their Tales of the Creation of Everything- I picked this one from Adhouse Books after hearing a lot about it on Twitter.  It's actually more a gift for Seth than it is for me, but the art looks really interesting and different.  This looks to be a time consuming book worthy of a full review from one of us at a later date. 

  • Tofu Baby by Missy Kulik: I also picked up several adorable buttons from this table.  Who doesn't "wuv Tofu Baby"? The comic is cute and I really picked it up because I had just eaten some really excellent tofu for lunch. 

  • The Public Domain Catalogue and Night of the Suflex: Cartoon Tantrums by Ashley Holt: Both minis were very amusing.  In Night, I found the tale of the hipster conflicted about how his Chuck Taylors were now made in sweatshops in China to be really funny.  The Public Domain characters are hilarious.  My purchase also came with a tiny cd of Holt performing music.  He's multi-talented! 

  • Folly the Leader, Hamsternaut, and The Excessively Boisterous Mongrel Canine by Fish: I would love to link to this guy, but the link from his comics doesn't appear to be working at the moment and I don't want to send anyone to a broken link.  While I have been focusing on trying new comics, I can't completely ignore my first love, adorable animal comics.  When I saw the angry yet adorable dictator panda on the cover of Folly the Leader, I had to buy it.  I also couldn't resist picking up his mini-comics with a hamster and a dog on them.  The Excessively Boisterous Mongrel Canine is particularly neat as it is printed on one page of card stock paper and folded into little pages rather than cute.  All three books are cute and funny. 

  • Frogshway by Allen Spetnagel : I can totally be swayed by a cute display and this tiny little comic was displayed in the mouth of a frog.  I had to have it! I really dig the principles of Frogshway, very eco-conscious. 

  • Wow, I killed Rock N'Roll, A-Symmetrical O-Possum, Phillip Henry, and Phillip! by Shannon Smith: I really like the Phillip Henry stories-tales of an elementary school boy with a bit of an obsession with Wonder Woman.  They're quite funny and a bit sad all at the same time.  Shannon also had a mini-comic by his daughter, Kassidy, that is very cute.  I hope there will be a father-daughter collaboration in the future. 

  • The Indestructible December Mercy by Meg Golding: I bought this comic with the actual comic unseen based on the packaging.  This tiny little book is an accordion style fold in between to two black covers and tied with ribbons on each side.  I didn't even open it until I go home as I wanted to photograph it before I did.  I wasn't disappointed.  It is a cute, unlikely superhero story that benefits the Lupus Society. 

  • The FLUKE Anthology: Free with Admission! I haven't had a chance to give this book more than a flip through as of yet, but it has an impressive list of contributors who attended the show.  This is just another thing about FLUKE that makes it such a great show.  Admission was just $2 and it included a fairly think mini-comic anthology, a sweet button, and access to a ton of excellent people and their wares.   

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  1. Man, Seth and yourself got so much great stuff at the FLUKE show. This year I bought fewer comics than ever before because I'm on kind of a strict budget buiding up to Heroes Con. But dang, I felt bad not to give a lot of those wonderful weird little numbers a try. Next year I'm gonna promise to go hog wild.