Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Upcoming Event: HeroesCon 2011

Is HeroesCon really a month away? Wow, how time flies.  HeroesCon will be the biggest show for both of us this year.  You will find Seth either at the Heroes Store Booth or on the convention floor.  He'll be hard at work both places! You will find me at the Information Booth just chock full of all kinds of information. 

As HeroesCon is such a big event (three days packed full of comic goodness), we'll be doing a series of posts, including, but not limited to a Top Ten List of Things to Do by both of us, and a Where to Eat at Heroes Con.  If there are any other HeroesCon topics you would like to see a post on, just let us on know in the comments below. 

There's so many great things to highlight about HeroesCon, it's hard to know where to start, but let's jump in with Indie Island.  Indie Island is a wonderful part of HeroesCon that groups all these amazing independent artists together on one part of the con floor.  There's way too many people to be able to list here, but I will mention some of my personal favorites:
While it seems like Indie Island is big enough to be its very own con, the Guest List outside of Indie Island is crazy full of artists and writers.  Again, there's way too many to list, but I will hit my highlights:
From the publishing end of comics, Chris Pitzer from AdHouse Books will be in attendance as well as several of the artists under the AdHouse roof.  Top Shelf will also be there as mentioned above. 

In addition to all the wonderful guests and publishers, there will be exciting panels to attend, the Quick Draw Contests, the Art Auction, a great Small Press section and much, much more! There's a ton to cover so check back in the weeks leading up to HeroesCon for new posts. 

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  1. Exciting. I had not even noticed that Pat Lewis was going to make the trip. I need to get some comics from that genius. You guys should hit him up for a sketch.