Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heather's FCBD Report from Heroes!

Free comics, free sketches, rows and rows of sale comics and beautiful weather, what more could you ask for out of your Free Comic Book Day?

It was an early day for both staff and customers as people were already lining up as the tables and sale boxes were being set up outside.  By the time ten o'clock rolled around the line was around the back of the building.  Heroes Aren't Hard to Find filled up fast and soon there were lots of happy faces with their hands full of free comics! It was nice to see the works of my friends in those hands, including the Loose Ends preview (I hope they all pick up the first issue out in July!) and the very first Sketch Charlotte Anthology.  I was also lucky enough to see a mother and daughter laughing together over the Sketch Charlotte origin story by Herc Petmezas and Henry Eudy.  It's also really cute to see all of the kids who don't even wait to get home to start reading their new comics.  FCBD is the place to start a lifelong love of comics. 

The artists started sketching around one and most kept drawing until after six.  I say most as Brian Stelfreeze was still working until after nine.  Brian's line caps before the official cut off time for sketches, but he continues working until that last person in his line has a sketch, putting as much effort and beauty into the last sketch as he did the last.  All of the artists worked tirelessly throughout the afternoon on a variety of subjects from the traditional superheroes to princesses to the fans themselves.  It's always fun to see what people are requesting.  I was able to get some sketches too, thanks to Shawn and Adam of the Dollar Bin for taking my Pinky and the Brain sketchbook around to Cully Hamner and Jay Potts.  I was also able to start my new Pippi Longstocking sketchbook thanks to the awesome artists, Chris Schweizer, Eraklis "Herc" Petmezas and Jackie Lewis for keeping my sketchbook at their table and working on it in between requests.  All of the FCBD guests will also be at HeroesCon and I hope you'll take the time to check them out!

There were rows upon rows of 25 cent and dollar comics for people to dig through to find great deals and great comics.  Collectors were digging from before the time the doors opened until the last lid was capped at the end of the sale.  Everyone from customers to artists to staff seemed to be having a really good time.  You can see for yourself by checking out my Heroes FCBD 2011 set.  I had a really great and exhausting time.  It was nice to see friends and make new ones.  I picked up a stack of free comics, including the ones I highlighed here and some additional ones that caught my eye. 

It's hard to believe that this was only my second FCBD.  Each year I get to check out more comics and meet new artists.  It's a really good way for someone who hasn't been reading for very long to get exposure to new stories and characters.  I hope everyone had a great FCBD!


  1. Great recap. That first shot with the boy is just perfect for FCBD = awesome!! :)

  2. Thanks Tom! It was great to see all the kids jumping right into reading their new comics.