Monday, May 2, 2011

Seth's Fluke 2011 Report

If you haven't already read it I'd encourage you to check out Heather's detailed Fluke report here.  She did a great job of going over all of the great things we saw, places we ate, and awesome creative folks we encountered. I would've posted my Fluke 2011 thoughts last week, but a massive case of con crud hit me late Sunday night and stuck around most of the week. Hooray for antibiotics! Now I can write again!

I should start out by saying that our recent trip to Fluke was not only my first time there, but also the first mini comics show I've ever attended. Fluke 2011 also marked the first time in over five years that I've been to a convention solely as a comics fan. Since joining the staff of Heroes Aren't Hard to Find to Find and HeroesCon in 2007 I've gone to many conventions around the country, but always for the purpose of working at them. This isn't to say that I don't have my share of fun at cons, only that it's been a while since I've been to one just to enjoy it.

Fluke was indeed a great time, and I know Heather and I are both happy we made the trip. It was a lot of fun running into talented folks we knew (Henry Eudy, Chris Pitzer, J. Chris Campbell, Dustin Harbin, and Chris Schweizer), but equally fun for me to meet people I knew only through reputation (Josh Latta, Drew Weing, Patrick Dean, Jason Horn, Shannon Smith, and Andy Runton). Beyond that I can only say that there can't really be much wrong when a bunch of good hearted creative folks convene in a rock club to hang out, drink beer, and talk comics. That's exactly what I wanted to do there, and am happy that's how the event unfolded for me.

     If guess if I was writing my typical serious-minded post I would talk about the strong community vibe I felt and Fluke, and how refreshing it was to be around so many creative folks who seemed to be there for the experience as much or more than making money. After having been to big cons across the country, it was really nice to be at a con where the joy of comics making and reading was so clearly evident everywhere I walked. There was an atmosphere of inclusion throughout, and while the mini comics community certainly attracts its' share of similarly-minded folk, everyone there seemed to be honest in their love of comics.  The idea that a place exists where anyone can set up and sell their comics without discouragement was also a welcome sight.  I might not have responded to everyone's comics represented there, but I appreciated the fact that on that day all of us were there enjoying comics together. But before I get too analytical I think I just want to remember Fluke 2011 as a great time. Thanks to all the organizers and all the cool people we saw and met while there. Heather and I will be back and are already looking forward to Fluke 2012.

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