Friday, May 13, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Henry Eudy

I met Henry Eudy at my first visit to Sketch Charlotte last year.  Sketch was much smaller when I first starting going to their Thursday night meetings at Showmars on 7th Street.  Henry was one of just a few artists there.  He was kind enough to draw in my newly started Pinky and the Brain sketchbook and a new friendship had begun. 

Henry tends, at least intially, to be one of the quieter Sketch members.  I picked up on his sense of humor through his animal sketches that he does during the Sketch meetings.  I got to know Henry even better when after hearing the SPX wrap-up podcast on the Dollar Bin, he brought me a stack of his mini-comics since I expressed an interest in diving more into the world of mini-comics.

To say Henry's mini-comics are funny would be a vast understatement.  His quirky humor blends well with his art style to create stories that most anyone will find something to laugh about within. My favorite mini-comic of his is Amateur Hour which is a diary style comic featuring vignettes of Henry's daily life.  It's "mostly autobiographical" which according to one of the strips gives Henry license with his stories.  I do love the interactions with his wife, Jennifer.  

Henry was included in last week's Spotlight on the Sketch Charlotte FCBD Anthology.  I couldn't include everything he sent me for his bio for that piece as he gave me three options to choose from, but I can include them here so that everyone can get a true appreciation of his self-deprecating sense of humor: 

  • Henry Eudy was born of people of normal intelligence in Concord, NC. (This is quite an accomplishment for Concord, NC.) Despite an early start toward righteousness, Mr. Eudy has instead chosen the wayward path of drunkenness and oafishness that fully embraces the production of comical booklets. It's probably for the best if you don't encourage him by either visiting his paltry website at or, even worse, writing him at

  • Henry Eudy rhymes with pooty and that's all you really need to know. He's pooty.

You can find Henry next week at Fanaticon in Asheville, North Carolina and at HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 3-5.  Be sure to pick up some of his hilarious mini-comics or one the 2011 Anthologies from Sketch Charlotte and the Dollar Bin that he is featured.  If you're feeling extra awesome, pick up a sketch or two as well! 


    1. thanks for the Henry fix! there's a gaping void at sketch group when he doesn't show. i love the guy and his work, both are sweet, funny, and sick, usually at the same time. k, ima go wander through his deviantart page:

    2. Thank you Heather for such a nice little profile about little ol' me. I really appreciate all the love and support I get every week from my pals at Sketch Charlotte. My friends are the dang best, y'all.