Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nerd Swoon: First Full Captain America Trailer

In my twitter feed this morning, I was greeted by a lovely link from the Nerdist of the first full length Captain America trailer. Pick me up off the floor because this movie looks amazing. The Super Bowl trailer peaked my interest and I thought it was one of the better movie trailers of the night.

After viewing the full length trailer, I am more excited about Capt than I am Thor. I loved seeing the transformation of a skinny, short Chris Evans into the muscle bound hunk of a super hero. That's impressive CGI. Not to mention, more Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci! I hate to get this excited about comic book movies as it makes the disappointment even more painful when they're bad (see Wolverine Origins a.k.a Why did they ruin Deadpool). My normal stance is cautiously optimistic, but this trailer has me beyond that into childlike anticipation. Please don't disappoint me!

I haven't read much in the way of Capt in the comics, really only when he appears in some other Marvel story I'm reading. This trailer makes me want to dive right into a Capt story. However I have no idea where to start. I just want a Capt story and not a whole lot of crossover. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Captain America in theaters July 22!

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  1. just imagine how would it be if all men can be transformed in to like captain america. his shield even comes back to him after throwing it.

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