Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Heather's Resolution #5: A Visit to Ssalefish Comics

Hitting Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem, North Carolina? You should take a short detour across the street from the mall to Ssalefish Comics. Opened by Bret Parks in 2006, Ssalefish is not only home to comics, but a number of wonderful toys that invoke childhood memories for anyone that grew up with He-Man, Transformers, and G.I. Joe.

Bret and his staff, particularly, Adam Casey, are friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. I suspect Bret’s personal toy collection rivals the one in the store based on his interaction with a customer buying a robot with working parts. In addition to their knowledge of comics and toys, regular customers were greeted by name and with suggestions based on their previous purchases.

Ssalefish has the usual collection of new comics, trades, and back issues, as well as special incentive comics like the Ssalefish Godzilla comics featuring the store being crushed by Godzilla’s foot. While this is a smaller shop, Ssalefish makes good use of the space in housing the comics and toys collections in a way that isn’t cluttered or crowded. I don’t envy whoever is tasked with dusting the toys, but they do a really great job of keeping the displays clean and dust-free.

Ssalefish Comics is located at 3242 Silas Creek Parkway, Suite 20, Winston Salem, North Carolina 27103. The phone number is (336) 499-3910 or (336) 760-9851. Ssalefish is closed on Mondays, but open Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 am -7:00 pm, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 11:00 am-8:00 pm and Sunday 1:00 pm-6:00 pm.

Want to see more of my visit to Ssalefish, check out my Flickr album

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  1. I hope someday to bewcome a regular at Ssalefish Comics just so I can earn a nickname from Adam Casey. I'm really shooting for "Little Jabba".