Monday, March 14, 2011

Heather's Resolution #5: A visit to Apocalypse Comics

In an attractive brick strip mall on Highway 9 leading into Myrtle Beach you will find Apocalypse Comics owned by Chad Hudson. It is hard to miss or resist the rainbow sign declaring “Comics” above his shop. Once inside you will find a well organized store with lots of options for comic fans and gamers.

The shelves and racks contain new issues, back issues (including some hard to find back issues and variants), statues, and a wide selection of comic-based toys. The rack by the entrance displays weekly picks and recommendations. In addition to comics, Apocalypse carries cards and pieces for games like Magic and Heroclix. Chad currently runs games in the back of the store several nights each week and expects to eventually move to running games every night to satisfy the area’s increasing number of gamers.

A lifelong collector and reader of comics, Chad carried his enthusiasm for this industry into adulthood. Before opening his store, Chad worked as a contractor who traveled throughout the United States. He would visit comic shops within 100 miles of his work site, often making notes of what he thought worked well in each store he encountered. His attention to detail and love of the products he carries is evident in how he runs his store. Not only is Chad very knowledgeable about the comics and games he carries, but he’s also very friendly and willing to chat with shoppers.

One of my hesitations in visiting new shops is how so many seem to be dusty and cluttered. Apocalypse is open and inviting, and maximizes the amount of products he carries while remaining clean and neat. The store caters to regular customers, but also welcomes vacationing readers looking for impulse buys to read on the beach. There’s even a couch in the front of the store to accommodate visitors or parents (or wives) who can comfortably wait while their children or husbands enjoy the selection. For children not yet of comic reading age, there is small children’s area with games and videos to allow parents time to shop.

If you’re in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, I recommend a visit to Apocalypse Comics. You’ll find a wide selection of trades and single issues to suit your reading needs. Apocalypse Comics is located at 2126 South Carol

ina 9 #2, Longs, SC 29568 and the phone number is (843) 399-4765. The store is open seven days a week from noon to at least 8pm (depending on if games are being run). ‎

Want to see more? Check out Apocalypse Comics on my flickr page.

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