Thursday, June 23, 2011

We now resume our regularly scheduled broadcast...

Or at least we will in July.  Admittedly, June has been a challenge for both of us in maintaining a schedule of posts here.  Between losing my mother and all that HeroesCon entails on both our parts, this month has been a major readjustment.  With that said, we would like to thank everyone for all the kind words and support for both Seth and I and for our blog.

We plan to return to our previous posting schedule the first week in July and would like to share with you what's coming up here on Exile on Plain Street.

I'm planning on posting a number of HeroesCon Book Reviews, including Remake by Lamar Abrams, Pinocchio the Vampire Slayer by Dusty Higgins and Van Jenson, Wysteria by Brad McGinty and Welcome to Oddville by Jay Stephens.   I'm also contemplating writing about my take on the DC "relaunch" as newer comic fan who hasn't experienced such an event.  Seth will be back to posting on music, comics and various reflections on life. 

There's a lot of look forward to in the coming months.  The first issue of Loose Ends, a Southern Crime mini-series by Jason Latour, Chris Brunner, and Rico Renzi will be out in July.  The first issue of Snarked, a new series by Roger Langridge will be out in August.  September brings SPX, full of small press goodness.  That's just a very small sampling of some of the comic things we're looking forward to. 

Thanks for your patience everybody as we get back on track with our regular posting.

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