Thursday, June 2, 2011

Come Find Us at HeroesCon 2011!

  Tomorrow is the first day of HeroesCon! Can you believe it's here already? We'll be busy with set-up today at the Charlotte Convention Center and we're realy looking forward to the start of the con.  There's a lot to do, so other than maybe a short post tomorrow, this will be our stand-in for our regularly scheduled Friday post.

There's so much to choose from at this year's HeroesCon from Artist Alley to Indie Island to panels and vendors, we thought it would be nice to give you a head's up where you can find some of our favorites this year! Look at that awesome map showing Sketch Charlotte members!

AdHouse Books: AA-536

Wide Awake Press: AA-438 (Well, this is J. Chris Campbell's number, but he's the heart of WAP and will point you to all other Wappies.)

Andy Runton: AA-444

Roger Langridge: AA-518

Henry Eudy: AA-336

Chris Brunner: AA-612

Jason Latour: AA-611

Irwin Hasen will be in The Comic Strip-5.  This is the area set up for all the wonderful strip artists. If you are unfamiliar with Irwin, you owe it to yourself to go meet a living piece of comics history.  Irwin will be 95 this year and while I hope he lives to be 195, chances to meet him again grow less and less each year, so go see Irwin and take the time to hear some his glorious stories of Wonder Woman, Dondi, and his life in general.  Pick up a copy of his auto-biography, Lover Boy.  It might be your best experience at HeroesCon this year.

In addition to the fine folks mentioned before, Seth is particularly excited about talking with:

Darwyn Cooke: AA-508

Stephanie Buscema: AA-519

Becky Cloonan: AA-632

Geof Darrow: AA-716

Andrew Robinson: AA-618

Ryan Sook: AA-510

along with Joe Staton, Mark Texiera, Chris Pitzer, Cliff Chiang, Chris Schweizer, Skottie Young, and many more!

     Seth and I will be moderating a panel on Sunday with our friends from Sketch Charlotte.  Here are the details:

3:00 PM
Room 203B

Who are SKETCH Charlotte and what are they doing loitering in Showmars every Thursday evening? Find out as we wind down on Sunday afternoon as we are invited to eaves drop on a special meeting of the Queen City artists as they discuss Comics in general and HeroesCon 2011 in the specific. What a great way to end a memorable weekend.

If you're looking for one of us, Seth will be in the Heroes Store Booth or roaming the con floor to keep everyone smiling and I will be the Info Booth with a smile and plenty of information! We hope to see you there!

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