Monday, June 13, 2011

HeroesCon 2011: Heather's Loot!

I love comics and comic art, which means HeroesCon, in addition to being a great place to see friends and meet artists is also a buying bonanza.  I do my shopping quite randomly, starting with picking up books, prints and commissions that I had decided on prior to the con as well as sketches in my Pinky and the Brain and Pippi Longstocking themed sketchbooks.

This year I came away with a number of books, prints, sketches and original art.  Here's the list of what I scored:

-Owly Tiny Tales by Andy Runton
-Owly A Time To Be Brave by Andy Runton
 -Pinocchio the Vampire Slayer by Dusty Higgins and Van Jenson
 -Remake by Lamar Abrams
 -Wysteria by Brad McGinty
-Sketchbook by Chris Schweizer
-Jay La Soul is Dead by Jason Latour
-Son of the Beast by Jason Latour
-Zzzt! by Ashley Holt
-Big Dog Studios Sketchbook Volume 5 featuring Brandon "Big Dog" Padgett, Terence "Tee Minus" Hoskins, and Henry" Cowboy Hank" Eudy
-Welcome to Oddville! by Jay Stephens
-Frankie Get Your Gun by Robbi Rodriguez
-Penny by Gabriel Dunston
-Dollar Bin Assembled Volume 4: Buried Treasure collected by The Dollar Bin

(I've just started reading my books and I plan to review several of them at a later point.  My first read was Lamar Abrams' Remake and I loved it.  I'm about halfway through Pinocchio the Vampire Slayer and I'm really enjoying it so far.)


-Owly Indie Island by Andy Runton
-X-Babies 2010 Badge Art by Skottie Young
-Red Moon by David McAdoo
-Chewy Gets a Light Saber by Bridgit Scheide
-Community as the Avengers by Chris Schweizer

Pippi Longstocking Sketches:

Pinky and the Brain Sketches:
-Scott Beaderstadt

Original Art:
-Sonam by Chris Brunner: I love Chris' frequent postings on the blog he shares with Rico Renzi, The Kids Stick Together.  I loved this piece from the moment I saw it and was overjoyed to be able to pick this up from Chris at HeroesCon.  I adore Chris' work in general, but he really gets how to draw women and this piece is no exception.  I can't wait to get this lady framed and on my wall.

-Parks and Rec Cast as The Invisibles by Robbi Rodriguez: I commissioned this piece prior to HeroesCon at the suggestion of Rico Renzi and I'm so very glad I did.  Robbi's art is amazing and I loved his take on one of my favorite t.v. casts. 

-The Rocketeer by Robbi Rodriguez: So this is technically Seth's, but I decided after seeing all Robbi's pre-con commission appear on-line, I would be remiss not to start Seth's Rocketeer collection with Robbi.  It turned out beautifully and is a great start to his new collection.

-Thor the Mighty Avenger Cover Recreation by Roger Langridge: Seth and I won this marvelous piece at the Art Auction.  It almost makes up for the cancellation of such a great series by Marvel. 

-The Thing and Ladies Beach Scene by Stephanie Buscema:I first saw Stephanie's art when Rico did an interview with her on the Heroes Aren't Hard to Find blog.  I found her style absolutely adorable and happy and I'm so glad Seth and I are the good home her Art Auction piece has gone to.

-Dondi by Irwin Hasen: I've made no secret of my enduring love for Irwin Hasen.  His Dondi peeing on a tree for the Art Auction will eventually grace the wall of where else, but a bathroom!

-Fin Fang Foom by Joey Weiser: When the first Fingy piece Joey had penciled pre-HeroesCon was purchased before I had a chance to stop by, Joey was kind enough to do a second one for me.  I love it more than the first one.  Thanks Joey!

-Fin Fang Foom and the Swedish Chef by Roger Langridge: Roger Langridge naturally combines two of my loves, a dragon in purple pants and Muppets in his resume.  I'm so excited to combine the two in a piece that will look perfect in a kitchen, with the Swedish Chef and Fin Fang Foom cooking together in a way only they could.

-Oz page by Skottie Young: This is a gift from Seth and it features by favorite Oz character, the Cowardly Lion.  I really love the way Skottie draws the Lion.  He's such a big furball!

-Patrick Dean drivers license button
-Reusable bag and t-shirt from Comics Related (Thanks guys!)
-Melvin Collectors Card in the Neatobots series by J. Chris Campbell

It was a super show! I know I mentioned this in my HeroesCon Wrap Up Report, but I really cannot say this enough: THANK YOU to everyone who had words of kindness and hugs for both Seth and me.  It means so much to both of us that so many of you took the time to check on us and take care of us.  I knew I would leave some people in out in my named thank yous the first time around, so here are some additional people: Shannon Smith, Andy Runton, Robbi Rodriguez, and Scott Beaderstadt.


  1. Great finds! Especially all the original art!

  2. damn heather, way to make it rain! despite my old man grumpus reaction, im terribly pleased you picked up the sonam drawing, and that it's found a happy home. course being in the company of any robbi rodriguez is humbling- enjoy your weekend, i gotta get drawin!