Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Winston-Salem Toy and Comic Show Report!

This past Saturday, Seth and I made the trek North-ish to the Winston-Salem Toy and Comic Show organized by the fun gang at Ssalefish Comics.  Gathered in a old home goods store were vendors hawking comics and toys as well as a row of artists sharing their mini-comics and art. Bret and company (especially Adam Casey, who was responsible for some fun show badges) put together a small, but bustling show.  

Once we checked in and received our awesome press and guest badge, we made our way over to one of our local favorites, Henry Eudy.  Henry's table was full of brightly colored mini-comics and his ever popular Pee-Wee Herman print.  More than one person was heard to squeal over the Mr. T whiskey swilling funny man. 

Next to Henry, we found the infamous Full Sanction crew with a table full of funny.  I decided Joe and Rusty were brilliant when Adam Casey first introduced me to them at SPX 2010.  Their "Threats" mini was one of my favorite things I picked up.  I showed it to more people than I could keep track of.  On top of selling their minis, Joe and Rusty bought a stack of old comics at the show and decided to replace the covers with ones of their own design.  We only got to see a few of these, but they were quite amusing. 

On down the row, was Ben Towle, who had illustrated the mini, Strikes, written by the man behind Ssalefish, Bret Parks (who is signing the comic on the left).  Strikes is the story of Bret and his dad seeing the Empire Strikes Back when it first came out in the theater.  Bret's story and Ben's art combine to create a story that truly captures the nostalgia of the first trilogy.  Ben also had several of his own books and original art from both the Animal Alphabet and Alpha-Beasts series. The next alphabet series, Alpha-Books, is kicking off next week which will feature characters from works of fiction each week.      

Once we made it past the artists, there were a number of familiar faces among the vendors as well as good deals on comics and toys to be found.  Even better for those shoppers whose mothers and grandmothers think outside of the short box, there was a glass blower set up.  Not only did "Original Designs in Glass" have a wonderful display, but Ken Curtiss was actually making pieces during the show.  Seth and I were very happy to find beautiful and unexpected gifts for some wonderful ladies in our lives. 

And now, on to the ever important Loot List:
  • The "Adam Casey is to blame for this nonsense" Package which included Drac-Drac-Drac-Drac-Dracula, haha., The Three Cent Pup, and some awesome classic non-sports trading cards. (Side note: I love mini comics in a package.  I think this is a great way to market minis.  I especially love when there's a surprise inside. Thanks Adam!)
  • Death Pinata by Henry Eudy
  • Strikes by Bret Parks and Ben Towle 
  • The Total Full Sanction Package which included Threats with a Winston-Salem Toy and Comic Show exclusive cover (it has a baseball card on it!), Dino Docs, Sun/Mun, Dirt Worst #1 and #2, [F(S]PX), All in Danger Now, The Official Handbook of the Full Sanction Universe, Justice Camp, and The "To Do" List.  
  • Original Art from Henry Eudy and Ben Towle from the Animal Alphabet and Alpha-Beast series
Want to see more? Check out the Flickr set.

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