Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Free Comic Book Day Report!

Free Comic Book Day at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find was packed full of comic and sketching goodness.  The day started super early on our end with the dollar books to be set up and all the last minute prep any good event entails.  Once ten o'clock rolled around, the fun really started with the store filling up almost instantly with fans, collectors and the curious.  The Heroes staff spreads the free books out on the racks amongst the rest of the comics.

Outside of the store was a long row of long boxes contained dollar comic books for sale.  Fans, both young and old, spent hours combing through the boxes finding stories new to them or that missing issue from a collection.  It's always interesting to watch people's digging styles.  The speed of flipping always makes it easy to spot an old pro. 

A new addition to FCBD was local artist, John Hairston, Jr.  John set up his easel in the morning and worked for several hours on a new painting for an upcoming gallery show. You can see this completed painting and many more at John's show "1962: The Age of Marvels" presented by Heroes on June 1, 2012.  

 Starting around one, the empty tables around the store were filled with artists who were met with fans eager for sketches.  Sketch subjects were a wide range of fun topics with a lot of Avengers in the mix.  I guess we're not the only ones who really liked the movie! The artists were all in really great spirits and it was fun to watch the fan interaction.  

 We were able to pick a sampling of the free books and enjoyed reading them on Sunday.  I'm especially looking forward to the new Superman Family Adventures from Franco and Art Baltazar.  I'm sad Tiny Titans is ending, but happy to see this new series.  The Archaia hardcover book is absolutely beautiful and I am still blown away by the concept of a free hardcover on FCBD.  It will be interesting to see how this concept develops in the coming years.  

Books picked up:
  • Atomic Robo & Friends
  • Barnaby
  • Buffy/The Guild
  • DC Comics The New 52 Custom Edition
  • DC Nation Superman Family Flip Book
  • Finding Gossamyr/Stuff of Legend
  • Image 20
  • Moomin Color Special
  • Mouse Guard, Labyrinth & More HC
  • My Favorite Martian Special Edition
  • Spider-Man Season One
  • Star Wars/Serenity
  •  Top Shelf Kids Club
  • Walt Disney's Donald Duck Family Comics
You can see more of all the day's activities on my flickr photostream.  

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