Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Heather's Top Five in Guilty PleasureTelevision

As my part of list week on Exile, I decided to do my top five current guilty pleasure shows. 

1.  Revenge: Hello Nighttime Soap Goodness! The title is rather self-explanatory in that the lead character is seeking revenge on the people who sent her father to prison for a crime he didn't commit. Emily (or rather Amanda) is a pretty blonde who is not afraid to take down her enemies or anyone who gets in the way of her plan. This plot unfolds in some quite ridiculous ways like her burning down the home of the only author in America crazy enough to only write his book on a typewriter and keep zero copies (or even the original in safe, fireproof location). 

2.  RuPaul's Drag Race: Drag queens are so very pretty and so very, very bitchy.  This makes for a wonderful combination in a reality competition show.  This show does for drag queens what America's Next Top Model claims to do for aspiring models and is much more entertaining. The challenges each week are ridiculous and awesome.  Instead of a dramatic photo reveal, the bottom two queens get a chance to lip sync for their life to help determine who stays.  Rupaul also has some of the best competition catchphrases like "Condragulations" and "Good luck and don't f**k it up".   

3.  Dance Moms: I know, I know, what kind of person watches a gigantic grown woman scream at little girls while their drunk moms look on complaining to the camera, but never to the teacher? Before watching, I though someone who dressed up little girls as show girls and taught them how to act like strippers would only be found on To Catch a Predator.  Apparently if this is for a dance competition, no one tries to put you in jail and not a single mother will even threaten to pull their daughter from your class.  The future of America is looking bright!

4.  America's Worst Cooks: There's just something so funny about watching people who struggle to cook from cans learn complicated kitchen tasks.  How many people really pull their own noodles or make their own sausage? I would like to see Bobby Flay's team win this season if only see someone other than Anne Burrell teach next season.  So come on, Team Blue and send that spiky blonde back to her rock star kitchen.

5.  Wipeout: This is like Field Day that we used to have once a year in elementary school, but on crack.  For a cash prize, grown people agree to physically humiliate themselves running an insane obstacle course that involves walls that punch them, big red balls and all manner of ways to launch them into what looks like dirty water.  While it seems slightly mean, this is just an hour of t.v. that involves only laughing at people as they wipe out in the most spectacular ways.  Perfect way to turn off your brain after a long day.  

What are your guilty pleasure shows?


  1. In no particular order:

    1) I agree on RuPaul's Drag Race, but I have a special place for Untucked, which is the behind the scenes stuff that has the best feature possible, the pink box that always has a special surprise in it!

    2) Ancient Aliens is History 2's show that I can't miss. As a skeptic, when it first came on it irritated me but Giorgio Tsoukalos's hair is worth tuning in to see!

    3) Glee. 'Nuff said.

    4) Two Broke Girls: How can Whitney be so bad, but this show she created be so good?

    5) Urban Legends: How can I get these wrong?

  2. Yes, I love Untucked because they're just fighting! I also like Two Broke Girls. However I am done with Glee. The "cliff hanger" of the last episode killed it for me. I need to check out the other two.