Friday, March 9, 2012

Another unexpected blog leave of absence

Hi everybody! Long time no blog...again.  Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way of sharing what we're excited about.  This time the interruption took the form of pneumonia in Seth's lung.  It wasn't a fun two weeks and he's still recovering.  The other interruption was a planned one and much more fun.  Seth and I celebrated our honeymoon in Orlando, Florida with stops in Athens and St. Augustine.  Not much rest, exploring the worlds of Disney, but I think the warm weather was helpful to Seth's recovery. 

In between sickness and work, we've been reading comics, watching tv and looking forward to Spring.  Starting in April, there's a lot of comic goodness to look forward to this year.  Fluke is April 21 in Athens, Georgia and it is my favorite indie one day show.  Free Comic Book Day is May 5 and Heroes is lining up some awesome artists.  HeroesCon is June 22-24 and the 30th Anniversary is shaping up to be one of the best.

We're already working on our upcoming event posts and more!

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