Thursday, April 25, 2013

Infertility isn't a four letter word, but damn, if it doesn't feel like one.

Our hiatus from the blog has lasted much longer than either of us anticipated.  I am back with a post that has nothing to do with either comics or music.  We are nearing the end of National Infertility Awareness Week founded by Resolve: The National Infertility Awareness Association.  

A few months ago, I received a diagnosis of infertility.  That diagnosis was probably a few months overdue, but I ignored what my body was trying to tell me because I didn't want the diagnosis that to me meant I was broken and defective.  I still feel that way some days, but I have found an amazingly supportive community online of women in the exact same situation.     Finding that community has enabled me to slowly come out to people about my own struggles with infertility.  

The current estimates are between 1 in 7 and 1 in 8 couples are dealing with infertility.  However many of those couples suffer in silence and, believe me when I tell you there is suffering.  Infertility has been one of the more painful things I've dealt with in my life.  We are still early in the process and don't yet have a clear answer as to what is causing the infertility.  I waiver between hope and despair each month as to modern medicine's ability to solve this issue.  

I don't share this brief bit of my story for pity or solutions, I share for others like me who have been enduring a painful silence to say that you're not alone and there is support out there, don't be afraid to look for it.

On that note, I'd like to share some links that I've found both helpful and comforting:

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