Thursday, June 14, 2012

HeroesCon Cosplay Interview: Victor Goldberg

We couldn't possibly do a HeroesCon month without including Charlotte's very own Joker.  If you've ever attended HeroesCon, you've seen Vic Goldberg who stands out for his Joker Killing Joke costume.  Thanks Vic for taking the time from your villainous life of "crime" to talk to us.  We're looking forward to all your costumes this year! 

Name: Victor A. Goldberg but I go by Vic.
Age: 29
Current location: Gastonia
Home Town: Jacksonville, Florida
Favorite Superhero: Spider-Man then followed by Batman
Least Favorite: Superman
 Favorite Villains: Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), The Joker, Venom (Eddie Brock), Carnage
Current books reading: Batman, Dark Knight, Detective Comics,  All Star Western, and Catwoman. I used to Read Spider-Man but I stop after the events of "A Brand New Day"
Relationship Status: Looking for a Harley Quinn

How long have you been doing cosplay? I first start to cosplay back in 2004 so for 8 years now.

What was your first costume?  My 1st cosplay costume was done for Wonder Con back in Jacksonville, Florida in 2004. I did a quick Dr. Curt Connors turning into the Lizard. I did this with a Lab coat that I bought at a costume store and then from a goodwill I got a pair of dress pants and a black short sleeve button up shirt. For the make-up I went to party city and bought some green cream makeup and a eye liner pencil to draw the scales. I would say that the costume cost me about $35 or $40. 

How did you become interested in cosplay? I would say that some of it comes from me taking Drama in both middle school and high school. That and the fact that I had fun dressing up as Dr. Connors for my first con that I just continue to do it. 

What's been your favorite con experience while in costume? Believe it or not, what I do before and after the con. Before the con me and friends will stop at like McDonald's and eat and people just look at you crazy. We also get to eat after the con and I'm still in full costume and makeup and I'll mess with people.

Is there anything you wish people wouldn't do while you're in costume? I haven't really had any bad experience so far.

How many characters are in your current con rotation? I think this is more for the people who go to like Dragon con who go as one character for a few hours then change as this one or will change for a photo shoot. For me I'm a one character for the whole day kind of guy. I mostly do the Joker for two days and then like a made up character for the third to take a break from the makeup but for the past two years (this will be the third) where I have done a version of the Joker for all three days. Last year I did the Killing Joke Joker (from the 2008 deluxe edition) on Friday, then on Saturday I did my traditional comic version Joker, and then on Sunday Killing Joke Joker with Spider-Man swim trunks (a joke from the 2010 con that I brought back for 2011) This year I want to try to do the makeup for Arkham City Joker (though my costume wont be right), Saturday comic version Joker, and for Sunday I'm working on a new secret costume.

Who is your favorite character to play?
I've done The Joker, Black costume Spider-Man, a mask wrestler, A necromancer, and Dr.Connors. Out of all them my favorite one to play is the Joker. With the Joker I can be goofy and loud and just plan out there.

Who would you like to cosplay as? I would like to do a Cosmic Spider-Man. The cosmic suit has always been one of my favorite as in look and the powers that he gain. I would also like to do Green Goblin in the style as in the one used at Universal Studios Hollywood. One that my friends tell me I should do is Deadpool. To be honest that is one I'm looking into.  

How long does it take you to put on the makeup? Depends. If I dye my hair green (yes, for Heroes Con, I dye my hair green), then applying the makeup takes about 45 min. If I have to use the colored hair then an hour and half. I hate using the hair spray because it can run and you have to wash your face to make sure that there is no over spray so you don't have a green tent to the makeup and so on.

About how much did your costume cost?
My Spider-Man cost 20 off of ebay and about 25 to ship. My Joker cost about $100 for  fabric, patterns, and buttons. I don't remember what the makeup cost because I bought 8oz. Ben Nye Professional Clown White which might not seem like a lot but trust me it  is. I've had that makeup for for years and I haven't used a 1/4 of it yet.
What kind of makeup do you use?
For the white I use Ben Nye's professional clown white, the green for the eyebrows I use just use green cream makeup, and for the lips I use a red lip stick that stains.

From my twitter request for questions: Where do you put your keys while in costume? In my utility belt. Just kidding. The nice thing about being the Joker is that I have pockets. But for my Spider-Man costume I carry a fanny pack, I don't wear it but carry around my shoulders. For the mask wrestler I turn the fanny pack around backwards. For my necromancer, I carry around pouches on what I use for a belt and keep my wallet and keys in it.

What's your favorite con to attend? Heroes is really the only con I go to. It's close to home. I would like to make it out to Dragon con one day but right now Heroes is my con.

Is there a Con that you would to attend? I would like to make it to Dragon Con. Hopefully once I'm done with school I can do this.

Any advice for some one who would like to start cosplaying? The best advice I can give is to have fun with it. If its a costume that you made, or bought on line, just have fun with it and have fun in it. That and the shoes. Remember that you're going to be walking around all day so if you need to mod your costume for your shoes, then mod your foot wear. Don't be afraid to put your own spin on something. A buddy of mine did a Riddler that was in all black with a green question mark on his tie and hat and it looked amazing.

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