Friday, July 8, 2011

Comics Review: Remake by Lamar Abrams

I like fun, happy comics and I was immediately drawn to the cover of Lamar Abrams' Remake.  It features a spiky haired blonde robot floating amongst white clouds in a blue sky with a look of contentment on his face. Inside that happy cover are comics following the adventures of that spiky haired robot, Max Guy. 

I normally don't include other write-ups within my reviews, but I absolutely adore the description of Remake on the Adhouse site:  

         Remake is 144 pages of silly action and crazy nonsense. Right now the story focuses on Max Guy, a robot  boy who can't seem to stay out of trouble. He's got this gun called the >MAX BLASTER< that turns things into stuff. Max Guy likes: 1) blue skies, 2) video games and 3) bread pudding. Max Guy hates: 1) mean people, 2) getting beat up, and 3) crap. Tune in to see what the nextgen of comikers is creating!

There's just something so right about a comic book synopsis that reads like the about section of a Playboy centerfold's likes and hates.  Don't those girls always hate mean people or mean dogs?  Max Guy isn't built like a centerfold, but he's a lot more fun in my abet girlish opinion.  When Max isn't battling evil robots and aliens, he's eating Marshmallow Kitties ("real...real life...marshmallow kitties?").  While it looks like an innocent kid's cereal, Marshmallow Kitties, which meow in your spoon, have the dangerous side effect of turning into an angry cat that eats your friends. 

My favorite character, outside of Max Guy, is Cy-Baby, an adorable teddy bear-like robot that uses his holographic powers to trick pretty girls into being his mother and taking care of his for various amounts of time.  I think he's cuter as his robot self than his baby self.

Remake captures one of the best qualities about comics: joy.  Comics should make you smile and laugh.  I appreciate the light hearted  nature of Abrams' art and storytelling.  Max Guy is a robot I would want to hang out with to see what trouble he's going to get himself into next. 

I can't wait to pick up Remake Special from Lamar and Adhouse at SPX in September!

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